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Renowned for her painterly qualities, Chenin West brings her ethereal visions to life in her work as a photographer and portrait illustrator. Quick to lend a dramatic mood to her images. Chenin’s style ranges from high structure and stark contrast to ghostly and ethereal. These sharp curves and smooth edges seem to define her unique style.

Chenin is widely recognized for her abilities visual artist and life coach. She has assisted others with their personal and professional journeys for nearly two decades. Chenin has earned an array of academic credentials, national certifications and professional affiliations. She has also maintained frequent published works in an array of media. As an autodidact in photography, Chenin’s combines her intuitive sense for composition in soul work together with her photographic artistry.

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Most days I serve as a Healer, others an Artist but always as a Storyteller...
I have found that I do my best work when viewing the world through a spiritual lens. Not of religiosity but from a place of observation.

For me, connecting with people during their highs, and their lows, has given me a deep sense of gratitude and an even deeper well of compassion. I receive a tremendous feeling of fulfillment when I am able to work together with clients, toward the achievement of their hopes, dreams and goals.

While on this journey I have read from the book of knowledge, studied the paradox of the human experience and worshiped at the feet of the divine, all while standing on my head and gargling peanut butter. What a trip it's been!

My professional credits include published works as a author, visual artist and trauma counselor. My art has been renowned for its painterly qualities in both photography and literary work. The pieces are ambiguous and consistently invite the audience into the act of contemplation.

As a student, I have studied many disciplines of external and internal martial arts and devoted most of my adult life to the study esoteric shamanism, metaphysics and behavioral science.

As a mother, I found my children to be my greatest teachers and biggest fans!

While working as professional photographer and writer, my career has allowed me to experience much of the world and the diverse cultures that lives in it. I see the globe as a magical and inviting place where even the most unsuspecting nooks and crannies offer the potential to expose a treasure trove of breathtaking awe...