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Boudoir Photography
has been redefined by the modern woman.
She is sassy, confident and in control. While cute and coy are still admirable qualities, the cat has been let out of the bag. Releasing the Urban Goddess. This current style of Boudoir blends photography styles of the past, with modern high-end fashion. Together exquisite hair, make-up and thematic design create a contemporary but timeless look.

Curves are catnip for men. Most women are not a size zero. Nor do they want to be.
The curves and shapes that make up a woman’s body are unique, and should be celebrated. Doing so with a tasteful intimate photo shoot can lift confidence and boost self-esteem, while immortalizing your beauty. Feeling a little concerned or shy? Chenin’s reassuring attitude and positive coaching techniques assist to both relax and ease your mind while maintaining your comfort level during your private photo session. This photographer is truly skilled at highlighting a woman’s assets while disguising less desirable ones.

Everyone has a different perception of “SEXY”. Use your imagination to cultivate your own theme. Google or youtube boudoir photography and let your imagination create your style. Remember to bring the basics… Bras, panties, corsets, thigh high stockings, garter belts. Also tank tops, booty shorts, sports jerseys & men’s business shirts are all popular items. Include accessories, as well as those sexy shoes. Three out fits changes are recommended.

Hair and make up may be done on site for an extra fee. Allow an extra hour for this service. If not, hair and make up should be completely finished before arriving at your shoot. Make up should be applied heavier than usual. (ie, night time wear). How to videos on are a great help if you interested in doing your own styling. It is highly recommended that you wear false eyelashes for your sessions. As this glamorous effect really makes the
“EYES POP”. False eyelashes are the trademark of the Vintage Pinup Girl.

Implied nude is partially clothed and or hinted nudity. This is a sensual way to provide enchanting photos of yourself, while maintaining your comfort zone. Chenin is comfortable shooting all levels of intimate art in tasteful and creative ways.

Due to the intimate nature of boudoir sessions, all images are kept in strict confidence and no images will be shown without permission from the client in writing. We use only professional labs that safeguard the privacy of our client’s.

Engagement and anniversary portraits are all the rage…These sessions are romantic, sensual, playful, fun and always tasteful. Typically these photos reflect you and your significant other gazing, cuddling, kissing or embracing. A great excuse for a weekend get away.

Your session can be done at the studio, your home, a local hotel, vintage bed and breakfast or outside in a private or secluded area.

The day before and the morning of your session drink extra of water. Moisturize a little more the two days prior to your sessions. This aids in bright eyes, bushy tails and hydrated skin. If you can’t visit a salon. “Give yourself the gift of an "In Home Spa Day” the day or two before your shoot is also recommended. “Gently” washing your face with a little wet warm baking soda and an electric toothbrush provides a mini-microderm treatment. This exfoliating technique provides a fresh glamourous glow to the skin. Hair color, facial and a mani-pedi are also recommended two days before your shoot. Red finger nails and toes are always a desirable look.
It’s all in the details…
Remember to wear loose fitting clothing to your shoot. Avoid tight fitting undergarments or wear none on your way to the studio (as the elastic leaves deep red pressure marks on your skin).

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